Since its inception in 1947, Youth of the Year has stood as Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s preeminent recognition program, honoring the remarkable accomplishments of Club teenagers. Those who attain the Youth of the Year title personify the ideals of leadership, service, academic excellence, and healthy living. They serve as living proof of the profound influence Boys & Girls Clubs have on the lives of young individuals.

Club members aged 14 to 18 are distinguished as Youth of the Month Winners, representing the best in their respective communities, and ultimately, as the Youth of the Year for the North Valley. From there, these exceptional young people may advance to state-level competitions hosted by Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Our Youth of the Year recipients are awarded college scholarships from local supporters and sponsors, assisting them in realizing their future aspirations.

The program is designed to foster the following developmental assets:
Improve Behavior, Self-Esteem & General Well-Being
Cultivate Interpersonal Communication Skills
Hone Public Speaking Proficiency
Refine Decision-Making Abilities
Foster Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking Competencies
Cultivate Positive Attitudes Towards Learning
Foster Sustained Academic Progress
Enhance Comprehension of the Democratic Process
Instill Healthy Notions of Personal Responsibility, Pride & Elevated Standards
Cultivate Leadership Proficiencies
Foster a Lifelong Dedication to Community Engagement and Volunteerism

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