Arya has made history as our first California State and Pacific Regional Youth of the Year! Starting as with the highest honor locally as Boys & Girls Clubs of Chico Youth of the Year in October, she progressed through North Valley, NorCal, California State level, ultimately winning the Pacific Regional title in May and one step closer to the national Youth of the Year in September.

Arya’s achievements showcase the excellence of our Club staff and programs. Boys & Girls Clubs serve hundreds of thousands of kids annually, focusing on academics, health & wellness, and leadership development. Arya exemplifies our mission, highlighting the transformative impact of our Clubs. Through rigorous selection processes, including speeches and interviews with judges, young leaders like Arya gain invaluable skills and the confidence to overcome any challenge. Their journey offers unmatched networking and growth opportunities, shaping them into exemplary advocates and role models for America’s youth.

We are incredibly proud of Arya and the hurdles she has overcome to achieve this title. Our team’s support has been crucial in her journey, ensuring she has the resources to thrive. Next, Arya will be the Grand Marshal for Chico’s 4th of July parade, participating in the Keystone Conference in Atlanta, and aims to attend Cal Poly Pomona.

Arya’s Words:

“The Boys & Girls Club is my lifeline, fostering my growth through grief, empowering my voice, nurturing my aspirations to go to college for sociology and journalism, and a catalyst for my resilience and success. The Club is more than an after-school program; it’s a second family, propelling me into leadership roles in my community and beyond with a clear path for my future.”

We’ve launched a campaign to support Arya’s inspiring journey. Join us in helping Arya soar further by contributing or spreading the word. Together, we can help her achieve her dreams and inspire countless others.

Help us raise $5,000 to support Arya’s Journey as Youth of the Year & her dreams of going to college!

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