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Food Pantry Grants
Club Member Scholarships
Families Rehoused or Relocated
Direct Assistance

Our Case Manager plays a pivotal role in supporting underserved youth and families. We offer a diverse range of services and advocacy that significantly enhance the well-being and outcomes for our kids and families.

Here are several key ways we provide support:
Breaking Negative Cycles
Clothing & Shoes
Crisis Intervention
Diversion and Restorative Justice
Emotional Support and Counseling
Facilitating Access to Resources
Family Reunification Monitoring
Food Assistance
Gap Funding and Family Grants
Life Skills Development
Lice Eradication
Navigating Complex Systems
Tailored Individual Planning

With a dedicated case manager on our team, we deliver invaluable, personalized support for underserved youth and families. This role is instrumental in helping them overcome obstacles and attain greater stability and well-being. We take great pride in being champions for our families. By building strong relationships, we uncover their true needs and connect them with the most effective services. We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and our case manager goes above and beyond, doing whatever it takes to help youth and their families achieve stable and healthy lives. Our case management approach stands out as we leverage both private and public resources to bridge gaps. With nearly  3 decades of building our reputation to never give up on kids, we’ve built a robust safety net, enabling us to swiftly connect families with essential support.

If you’re a Club family and are in need of additional services, please reach out to
Erin Kennedy at (530) 899-0335 x2221 or by email at

What is Case Management?

Addressing Food Insecurity