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Sometime after the 2020 North Complex Fire at a Boys & Girls Clubs Paradise Board meeting, an idea and vision turned into reality. During this meeting, Rashell Brobst, CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs said “If only there was some way we could put down everything we learned from the Camp Fire into a playbook for other communities affected by disasters.” It was this thought that caught the attention of Lindsey Nenadal, a Paradise Board member who grew up in Paradise, she agreed with Rashell and set out with her team at Chico State University to do just that, create a playbook to support other communities throughout the world.

After two years of study, research, interviews and connecting with community partners – the final product is a comprehensive manual that offers guidance to people working with children, youth, and families in the event of a fire or the threat of a fire in or near their community. Beginning with the immediate response tactics, the playbook systematically works through steps needed to staff up and equip a team that will support people from day one. This includes assigning emergency roles, answering and making critical first phone calls, creating accessible public information, and collaborating with organizations serving the same population.

From there, the playbook expands to recovery efforts and media outreach, offering advice on how to use social media to communicate with families wanting information or other community organizations. There are pages that highlight resources families can access like crisis hotlines—all of which served community partners when they were helping families.  For organizations using the playbook, there are pages for making notes or reflections to support you in making these tips and strategies meet the needs of your organization and community.

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