The Boys & Girls Club has helped me become the success I am now. If it weren’t for them I might have been serving a prison sentence! During my teen years I was nothing but trouble. I was the one who no one wanted to help, a failure in other words. I was very fortunate to have the Boys & Girls Club give me the opportunity of a lifetime. They were there for me. Even when higher grounds asked, “why are you helping him?” Many doors were closed, if not all. The one door open to me was the Boys & Girls Club. With their support I was able to quit my substance abuse, finish high school, receive a scholarship from the Rotary Club and now just about ready to transfer to Chico State. People ask me, “How’d you do it?” and I smile and reply, “With incredible help and support from those who believed, like the Boys & Girls Club.”

The Boys & Girls Club is and will always be a positive place for kids! The Boys & Girls Club is a place where all youth are given an opportunity that doesn’t come too often. They help teens and children set and achieve goals. If the Boys & Girls Club never existed, these youth would have never accomplished their goals. They provide support and attention that might not exist amongst families. Not every household is perfect. Yet, the Boys & Girls Club is a hugefamilywhere children and teens look forward to going everyday! This is a place where everyone is treated equally and fairly.

Being treated fairly is what everyone wants in life! It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the most athletic or best student. Here they treat you just like they treat the ones who are. Whether you’re the athletic one, the non-athletic, smart or not so smart, you’ll be given the help needed to be successful in life. They guide you in the right direction giving every youth the opportunity to be someone in life, which is what every person strives for in life. They offer scholarships that are given to the youth who at some point might have never believed there were such opportunities for them. A lot of hope is given to these youth. Yet, youth like to know that the support for them is there, and this is exactly what the Boys & Girls Club does! Someone to guide them or go to when help is needed in urgency. The parents also know this, which is why they love the Boys & Girls Club as well.

I believe the Boys & Girls Club has and will continue to have many success stories. They will open many doors and help our youth become those we can rely on, the change that will make a difference in our world!


Boys & Girls Club Alumnus