Healthy Kids Partners

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Give local kids healthy futures by becoming a partner to help them create healthy habits, get regular healthy meals, and continuous physical activity that will improve their overall well-being. Our programs are designed to incorporate healthy living and physical activity in every part of the Club experience, build the capacity of young people to make informed decisions about their health and establish appropriate healthy attitudes, knowledge and skills throughout their childhood.

The various programs we provide include: Be There, Triple Play, Healthy Habits, Healthy Kids Healthy Futures, Interactive Journaling®, Kids in Control, Kids in the Kitchen, OJP Mentoring Program, SMART Moves and Opioid Prevention, SMART Girls, Passport to Manhood, ART (Anger Replacement Training), Sportsperson of the Month, Sportsperson of the Year, monthly lice checks and eradication, clothing and shoes as needed, hygiene kits, daily snack and supper, weekly farmers market food to take home.

Sponsorships enable our Clubs to provide these programs, purchase food, health, sports and kitchen supplies, behavior management programs, provide transportation, offer incentives and awards, and support community mentors.  Contact Rashell Brobst at (530) 899-0335 to become a partner.

Programs Meet These Developmental Assets:
• Develop an Understanding of Consequences & Obligations
• Develop Meaningful Relationships with Adult/Peers
• Improve Behavior, Self-esteem & Overall Well-Being
• Develop Skills for Effective Communication
• Develop Problem-Solving & Conflict Resolution Skills
• Develop Skills to Identify & Resist Peer, Social & Media Pressures
• Develop Critical Thinking & Media Literacy Skills
• Develop a Higher Sense of Competency as Pertains to Decision-Making & Coping with Stress
• Develop Healthy Attitudes of Personal Responsibility, Pride & Higher Standards
• Improve Cardio-Respiratory Endurance
• Improve Muscle Strength & Endurance
• Improve Knowledge of Game Rules
• Improve Knowledge of Nutrition & Health
• Develop Time Management & Organization Skills
• Interact with Others in a Positive, Supportive & Empathetic Manner

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Thank you to our 2019 Partners:
Airehart Construction
Anthem Blue Cross – Triple Play, Farm 2 Kids & Holiday Meal Sponsor
Barroso Real Estate Team
Butte County Child Abuse Prevention Council
Butte County Probation Department
Butte County Public Health
California Health & Wellness – Aunt Bertha Sponsor
Chico Unified School District – Food Service
Conover AVI
Golden Valley Bank
Hagerty Woodcraft
InterWest Insurance
North Valley Community Foundation – Chico Children’s Endowment Fund
North State Food Bank – Farm 2 Kids
The O’Donnell Group
Paradise Unified School District
Panera Bread Company – Weekly Bread Donations
Rental Guys
Safeway Foundation
Slater & Son
State Farm
United States Department of Agriculture
Victor Treatment Center