Sara’s Story

When a child has nowhere to go, where do they turn?

Sara, an eight-year-old in the 3rd grade, was being raised by her great-grandmother, Mary, because her other family members were either incarcerated, addicted to drugs, or had no interest in her upbringing.

Sara was behind a grade level in reading skills, did not have any clean clothes, and her only friend was her great-grandmother. She was withdrawn, untrusting, and had little to no boundaries to guide her moral decisions. Overwhelmed, Mary struggled to find a place where Sara could receive the care, understanding and compassion she desperately needed. Then someone told her about the Boys & Girls Club.

Since joining the club a year ago, Sara has made tremendous progress. She is now reading at grade level, has made new friends, and more importantly has connected to positive, caring adult role models at the Boys & Girls Club. She is a model of good behavior and is eager to help the staff on a daily basis.

“The Boys & Girls Club has been there when we needed them and had nobody.  I am so thankful to the Club and the Staff that Sara is safe and they are helping her when I can’t.” – Mary